A Point

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Sane humans are naturally ambitious. We are simply insatiable. Even simpletons are not excempted.

We want this. We want that. But the point of question is HOW?

Oftentimes, we stare blankly at the wall thinking about our dreamland with our dream boy/girl in our dreamlife unknowing the great length of time spent for such daydreams. To dream is good. However, to dream forever is unrealistic. For us to make our dreams come into reality, we have to wake up.

Life offers us a lot of open doors. It just asks us what among those doors should we enter. It challenges us what type of decisions whould we make.

At this moment, the first thing we need is to courageously make a strong point and stand from it. What are your purposes in in life? What are your priorities? How far can you go once you have entered that open door?

Have you ever asked yourself the question why are you living right up to this very moment? What makes you live? The answer is, your PURPOSES in life.

Each of us has purposes in life. Some wants to become His good child. They want to become missionaries who spread His words or philantropists who help those that are most in need or just someone who would like to make this earth a better world. Others simply want to enjoy life at its fullest while they are alive. And definitely, most of us lives to become triumphant in hitting the championship of the game called life.

Life purposes define the things we want to pursue and the things we can’t live without.

The thrill does not end in knowing the things we like to happen in our lives. After we have determined our purposes, how long can we continue holding on to those purposes?

Life is full of temptations. It has so many crossroads. It is so enigmatic. If we will not clear our minds, we will be lost in the puzzle. How to remove the dark cloud covering our purposes in our minds? PRIORITIZE.

Life seems to be so complicated and setting priorities breaks it down into basics. Teach yourself how to define important from absurd. Accept the principle of discipline.

What if a friend asks you for an outing but you have already scheduled that day for studying, can you refuse?

We should always be reminded that time is a primary component of our lives. It is one of life’s limitations. Learn to say NO if you need so. Learn how to discipline your id. Be firm to your priorities. Put first things first if you really want to reach your dreams.

The distance we can go after we have entered the door basically lies on how we mean our purposes and on how we keep our priorities. The distance lies on our HEART.

If we really LOVE the point we made, we can stand from any storm. We can reach our destinations.

Now start.

Make a point. Leave a mark on the peak of the summit called success.


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