Injustices Ad Requiem

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Media has always made an impact in the search for triumphant justice in the Republic of the Philippines. The Government considers media as a formidable force that is difficult to reckon with. Media together with the influence of fame and politics builds a stronger alliance in hastening the achievement of justice in this failing society.

The Revilla controversy and the death of the Charice Pempengco’s father made a big issue on different news channels and media centers at its occurrence. Filipinos watched closely as the cases were being investigated. It is reported that the Department of Justice worked to solve these impending cases. The forces of other related government units have also taken an active part in this issue. Suspects are persecuted or being chased and evidences are being accepted and utilized, an ideal solution that the government should be portraying.

The Revilla clan has made a mark in the society through entertainment and politics. Charice has also become famous as a youtube sensation. Both these personalities became famous on very different paths but something keeps them similar with each other, Death of a loved one. Someone related to them has recently been murdered.

Our country has a hideous justice system. Criminal cases, lawsuits, and more are moving on slowly, but why is these cases of famous people given priority? These people have reputations to protect and whenever they have potential problems that would ruin their image, they will use it for their own publicity to catch the sympathy of the masses. Reputation has always been very important for these people to keep their fame inside their pockets.

These murder cases are also important but Philippines have a lot more important cases to look in depth. The Maguindanao Massacre, the Hacienda Luisita tragedy, Enforced disappearances, and political killings are a few to mention. Our country is in a grave situation right now. Our country has been lured by bribery, fame, and politics. People tend to forget about the more important cases that should be addressed since the people involved in these cases are people are the heroes of freedom.

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