Voters’ Miseducation

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Tabloid, SY 2012-2013Voters' Miseducation

The decision as to who to vote this coming May elections is influenced by a lot of social factors, and mass media definitely hyphenates all aspects into one huge mess.

Even months before the official filing of candidacies, we have seen what seem to be innocent infomercials depicting personalities and their ‘contributions’ to society.

These people have no obvious purpose of appearing in these commercials and television viewers wonder, what is their connection to the message of the TV ad?

These tactics employed by political aspirants have been looming in our political history and can also be heard in radio stations.

And as cliché and ancient their schemes are, more often than not, many still become enticed to follow these politicians. We become hypnotized by these catchy jingles and customized lyrics.

It’s as if it is an unwritten rule that the name of the candidate must be mentioned in the chorus and in a repetitive manner. The catchier the tune, the better. Or is it?

Filipino voters have seen it all–from dirty mudslinging on and off-camera, to online iPad raffle contests. Surely, candidates are becoming more desperate to secure the votes of their future constituents.

But is Juan dela Cruz becoming smarter?

A recent survey by the Social Weather Stations hints that Filipinos are becoming more careful with whom to cast their votes.

An example of this is the case of UNA candidate Jack Enrile, who is relatively unknown to the public eye, except perhaps as a son of Juan Ponce Enrile and as a congressman of Cagayan.

Early polls ranked Enrile as 8th among top senator favorites. It is rather unlikely for a non existing man to grab this attention from the voting population.

We could only assume that this could be attributed to the fact that people associate the son with the father’s achievement.

Of course, in the heat of Corona’s trial, the elder Enrile displayed marvelous wit and poise, earning the praise of fellow senators and televiewers alike.

He was able to handle one of the most dramatic impeachement trials in Philippine history.

However, now that the trial has dissipated and the former glory of his surname has practically dried up, Jack plummetted to the 13th position in the latest SWS survey.

Considering this change in ranking, can we still stay that Filipinos are indeed smart voters?

Meanwhile, the daughter of Vice President Jejomar Binay, who is also practically invisible to the public eye, enjoys a high ranking in the said survey, even today.

Similar with Jack, Nancy Binay has hardly any projects done for her city or locality. She has not actually been in any political office in her life, even a simple barangay captain.

Unfortunately, it seems that despite her inexistence, people to still favor her for a seat in the senate.

Grace Poe, the daughter of the late action star and heavily-favored presidential candidate Fernando Poe, Jr. is not off the hook either.

Although appointed as Chair of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), Poe has no qualifications to win a seat in the senate.

If this is indeed the case, then the Filipino voters have overly been misled and are still miseducated.

No matter who we choose, we are still plagued by unfulfilled promises, and the never ending fight against graft and corruption and innumerable bombardments of fake smiles and non- stop 15-30 seconders of TV campaigns.

Let us not be cynical. As little as it may appear, we believe that there is still hope for Philippine politics.

The publication encourages each and every Lormanian to educate his fellow voter in scrutinizing these political candidates.

We must learn how to identify the genuine servants and the frauds. We must learn how to select those who are worthy to serve us.

More importantly, we must identify those who are not. And we must do so quickly.

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