MTRCB advocates ‘SMART’ viewing to Lormanians

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June 20, 2014- Movie and Television Review Classification Board brought “Panonood ng Pamilya ni Juan at Juana” information campaign at Lorma Colleges Gymnasium with the aim of emphasizing the importance of the classification rating system in movies and television programs. Intelligent viewing is being championed by the board members to students in the tertiary level.

PROPER GUIDANCE. MTRCB member Atty. Ricardo Salomon Stressed the need children. After all,"Educating the youth is educating our future."

PROPER GUIDANCE. MTRCB member Atty. Ricardo Salomon Stressed the need children. After all,”Educating the youth is educating our future.”

With the theme, “Matalinong panonood, magandang kinabukasan ang kasunod,” the information campaign was headed by five MTRCB Board Members present who gave speeches on how the organization serve as a government sector which ‘objectively’ evaluates television programs and movies being broadcasted in the country.

TV program classification such as G, PG and SPG were also relayed while classification for movies were rated as G, PG, R-13 as well as the more unfamiliar R-16, R-18 and R-X. The latter were regulated for movies with sensitive topics and issues that dealt with sex, violence and adult subject matters which might be deemed offensive or inappropriate for younger audiences. Viewer discretion was explained to be based on the level of understanding and age of the viewers.

“Does MTRCB have the right to diminish or limit on-air senseless programs?” inquires John Joseph Lopez Buenaventura, an AB Psychology student.

Buenaventura emphasized the abundance of educating programs in his youth and the increasing number of what he called as ‘worthless’ shows on air. However, the MTRCB members commented that the board does not possess the power to get rid of such programs.

The ongoing two-year information campaign has reached a nationwide margin promoting awareness and intelligent viewing within the country’s citizens in private sectors and more importantly in universities and colleges.

“Educating the youth means educating the future,” BM Atty. Ricardo Salomon noted.

The event was successfully organized by NSTP Coordinator, Engr. Andrew Rimando and Office of the Student’s Affairs coordinator, Mr. Noel Sumingwa.

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