CPRT  yields 7 PT passers

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Seven newly licensed physical therapists from Lorma Colleges were recently added to the long list of professionals after passing the recently concluded licensure examination on August 2014 and February 2015.

Among the 874 examinees of the Physical Therapy Licensure Exam, first takers Kaypee Colet, Nissa Marie Viray and Karina Bustillos reaped an over-all rate with 100% during the August exam where a total of 511 examinees passed.

The August performance yielded a 50% over-all rate which was the same with last year’s performance.

Meanwhile, second batch of takers Alethea  Halabaso, Dawn Lynn Blisss Somera, Jennifer Malicdem and Rabbi Vince Oinesa achieved 50% during the February 2015 exam where 412 out of 766 passed. The performance of the first timers marked 57. 14%.

“I gained the seeds of knowledge through the principles, hardships and discipline our  teachers that helped me to become what I am right now, a physical therapist,” shares Somera.

Regarding her plans as a registered PT, Somera  said, “I would like to teach students who aspires to be a physical therapist someday.  I would also like to help people who are crippled, who have developmental delays and who are in pain.”

He explained that major exams of 3rd year and 4th year students were made similar to the board exam so that they could analyze and master each type of questions.

Internship of 5th years students was the main focus of the said preparation. Graduating students were assigned to various medical centers in Metro Manila, Baguio City and La Union.

During their clinical duty, they were guided by their internship coordinator. Enhancement classes program are attended by the interns every Saturday to further discuss lectures and undergo comprehensive examinations. Those who have their rotation in Manila are allotted with online exam.

On the 2nd semester, the department assessed its weaknesses and strengths on academics. Reviews and seminars are organized to increment the skills and knowledge of PT students.

PT professionals who are currently practicing their profession in various hospitals and settings are invited to serve as speakers to the event.

In addition, Dean Tayaban also expects to produce more passers on the next batches and to recruit high school graduates to take the course.

“We join the campus tour campaign of Lorma to reach out to students,” he mentions.

We also use social media to promote news and updates regarding the profession.”

The exam was given by the Board of Physical and Occupational Therapy in the cities of Manila and Cebu.

The two-day examination is composed of 600 questions divided into three parts. The first day included questions in Kinesiology, Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Surgical Conditions while on the 2nd day focused on PT Theories and Application.

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