Calendar Shift: The August Bandwagon

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What was your utmost reaction when you have heard about Lorma’s new calendar? Have you been so excited that you have imagined yourself enjoying a four-month long vacation abroad or in your hometown having memorable and extraordinary bonding with your family and relatives? Or you’ve been saddened by the ideas of “not-getting-to-see-my-bestie-for-four-months” stuff and “four-months-away-from-the-squad” thing?

Everyone might be wondering about the College’s calendar shift. Some may have scratched their heads reflecting about the changed school opening classes that was moved from the long tradition of June to mid-August. Others may have been so delighted of the long, unusual vacation brought by the alteration.
Dr. Jose P. Mainggang, the College Director, put emphasis on this voluntary move as a vision that promotes and supports Global Education, internalization, and cross-boder education.

Inter-School Linkages
“We are establishing linkages with universities and schools abroad”, said the Director. Some of the “big” universities and colleges in the country as well as most of the schools abroad have the August to May school calendar. The action therefore gives significant privileges to our beloved institution. One of which is the isochronous calendar with other schools, universities, colleges and other institutions, providing Lorma a parallel dateline with that of the international.
“They learn from us, and we learn from them”, he added. As the college promotes inter-cultural learning, international students also benefit from the shift. For example.A student from abroad, where the international school calendar of August is being practiced, plans to study here in Lorma. He will no longer have difficulties in adjusting from his accustomed opening class of August, whereas a school’s end month of May to June’s “back-to-school” is quite arduous to adapt, adjust, and handle.
The change increases Lorma’s international student enrollees’ list, thus appeals more to foreign students, helping Lorma cater international education and global quality learning.

A Move for All
Dr. Mainggang also added, “This move is for all, not only for the internationals.” As the 2015 ASEAN (Association of SouthEast Asian Nations) Integration begin to materialize, students will benefit from it most specially when supplemented by the College’s calendar shift. The Integration will allow free flow of students among ASEAN states. Parallel school calendars among the countries will provide better adaptation to students.
For instance, a Lormanian who plans to take his chosen second course in an ASEAN member country such as Singapore. He will then have good adaptation on the calendar of his school of choice because Lorma prepared him with it’s August school opening. The free flow includes potential students from Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and of course, the Philippines.
Although the College adjusts with its calendar to that of the international, no changes in curriculum and major activities will be done. Lorma’s learning system will be as is to provide quality education to the students. As transition takes place and continuous improvement of the quality education takes place, teachers and instructors are also in line for enhancement and training. The Director also stated that the faculty members and teaching personnel will have to finish at least a Master’s Degree. Those teachers without Civil Service eligibility and none passers will have to take it as well.
OFW parents also support our school’s new calendar. Recently, Lorma conducted a survey among OFW parents who were sending their children to school. Positive results and reactions depicts acceptance and embrace of parents for this shift.

Waterproof no More
We are all familiar of those first weeks of school which are frequently accompanied by successive rainfalls and wind, enough to outflow a school drainage and flip a student’s umbrella. The radical reason for this shift pertains to the rainy seasons peaking from June to July. As a tropical country, the Philippines has an unpredictable weather condition, and this problem may not be directly addressed.
It is burdensome for a student to go to school in a rainy day, most specially when tropical storms and typhoons struck the region. Students tend to be “waterproofs” pursuing going to school amidst any rain. Students suffer from the rain which may be a root of illnesses such as colds, cough and more crucial, fever. These may bring about for almost a week class absence. Results? low grades, and sometimes if unexcused, dropped classcard.
Remember the tropical storm Egay that showered fury of heavy rains on the Early Days of July? This flooded many schools. What if we have started our classes on June? Classes will be suspended, maybe a maximum of two weeks, then we’re all gonna have additional school days, giving mixes and disorders to our own personal, outside-the-school schedules.
Lorma puts great importance for the student’s safety and benefit. so as the school calendar changes to August, students will no longer go home wet from June-July classes. No more wearing of foul-smelling, semi-dried uniform. No more rainy day struggles, especially for those students who travel for almost an hour back and forth the school, thus letting Lormanian enjoy listening to every drip drop of the rain on their rooms, warming themselves from the cold melancholic weather with a soothing cup of coffee while watching their favorite anime series or korean drama.

A Role Model
“I think very soon, our neighbor schools here in the region will follow as Lorma will be doing it first. They are just waiting for us.”, the Director quipped regarding other colleges. Sometime soon, maybe next school year, our co-schools, colleges and universities will notice from Lorma the advantages of having the month of August as the opening of classesl.

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