Lifetime Prisoners

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Poverty is a strong evidence of the Philippines being included on the Third World Country’s list. Many people lie down to bed after a day-long struggle to earn for a living despite rumbling bellies brought by one-to-two times a day meal, or sometimes, none at all. Concerned parents tend to more problematic witnessing deepening thorns of hardships striking through their growing children.

Nevertheless, many Filipino youth fail to continue and finish education, letting barriers abrupt, blocking their dreams and future. Hence, poverty is becoming more permanent on our motherland.

On the other hand, majority of the population tend to elect leaders, with regard to the national and local elections, whom they entrust to give them uplift to their lives’ drastic destiny. Unfortunately, people were blindfolded by catchy television and radio jingles and promising poster messages during the campaign period of the candidates for election, making them famous to the eyes and ears of the voters but not examining the capacity and truthfulness of the candidates. As a result, these “famous” politicians gain majority of the votes, thus putting them on the position. What’s next then? Of course, the start of worsening corruption cases which is undeniably a long-time culture of the Philippine politics.

Wealthy people become wealthier and powerful people gain more power, leaving the poor to become poorer and powerless to be more powerless. Isn’t it unethical for the government being the greatest institution of one nation not to address this greatest issue of all time?

Many blurt out that unemployment, Filipino idleness, and unattained education are the primary causes of poverty but no, they’re not. Corruption, it is. The government may seem to administer protocols against corruption but who knows? They might be breaking their own stands behind public eyes.

On the next few years, Philippines might be at the very worst destiny if corruption continues. We might be lifetime prisoners of broad poverty, economic decline, and evident corruption.

How will the future be for every Filipino? Unless the government officials fulfill their oaths and promises to give every Filipino and uplift, a better Philippines will soon come out.

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