Lost Souls

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A student’s spirit must be divided into two aspects. One has to be a responsible learner on the field of knowledge he supposed to finish. The other one should be fulfilling his positive experiences offered inside the school campus. When we combine these two formula, we can find ourselves enjoying what college life can offer to us despite the heavy burden of earning a degree. However, Lormanians seem to fail to create the mixture of establishing student identity.

Programs, services and events are designed to integrate out-of-classroom learning to provide students experiences that could help them cultivate their selves and grow. In fact, Lorma Colleges allow student organizations to organize activities that promote student involvement among college students. The problem when these activities were already implemented is the poor participation and unfelt presence of students. These signs of tardiness were seen mostly during major school events like Intramurals and election of SML officers.

Sangguniang Mag-aaral ng Lorma is the highest student body organization in the campus. The participation of every Lormanian during election is vital whether you are a voter or running for the position. What’s happening during election period for the past three years is the default win by a lone party. This is maybe the main reason why student voters find no sense on casting their votes. The flop election accounts a failing percentage of 7% among thousands of the school population.

Lack of information dissemination around the campus must be one of the contributors for less number of voters. But still, the fact that there is only one party running for the office can already decline the interest of students to exercise their power to choose.

In a sea of people, it is impossible to have a shortage of student leaders. Many Lormanians aspire to be a leader but frequent hindrance may be due to academic priorities and huge responsibilities that comes with it.

Another contrast on the enrolment statistics is during the kick-off celebration of Intramurals. The most anticipating event of the semester was expected to be a fun-filled experience because of the involvement of all departments on the sport games, beauty tilt and cheering competition. But during the two-day celebration, Lormanians seem to ignore the intended programs for them. Occupying the bleachers were freshmen and some higher years who just attended for attendance and plus points sake. There were still some full-spirited supporters ready to wave their college’s banners and yell out lout.

Yes. Let’s face the fact that we enter college to invest for knowledge and experience relevant to our chosen career. We are here to study and focus on our instructors’ lectures. But let us remember that we are students and being a student is having a balance college life. Take time to stop turning those pages for a while and explore what’s around you.

College offers one of the best things in life – to try new things. Go out of your comfort zone and find your niche on the campus. We, students, don’t want to attend to an institution where we will be isolated and have nothing to do but to study.

Start reviving our lost souls and turn on the spirit within every Lormanians. Although, it is still on our hands if we will hold it tight, or lose the grip again.

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