MLS Askies Down CCSE, Snag 2-Straight Title

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Lorma Cup 2k15’s Women’s Volleyball went down to a nail-biting, nerve-racking, 5 set ending, as MLS Askies defended their title to their nemesis, the CCSE redemption team, on a 3 set to 2 flurry.

Banking on steady receptions leading to attacks, Askies were able to utilize the one-two combo of Aby Saluta and Jemille Carillo to go up early at the opening set, 25-21.

Joanne Oreiro rallied her crew to tie the game, 1-1, via furious spikes courtesy of Niro’s playmaking. 2nd set ended, 25-16.

CCSE rides their momentum to top the 3rd set, 25-17, 1 set away from stealing the crown, thanks to the unforced errors committed by the Askies.

At the start of set number 4, MLS slowly built their own momentum, forcing a decisive set number 5, 25-17, completing a comeback with much pressure behind them.

Shifting the tempo to their side, the Askies capitalized through composed safeties, further putting CCSE’s hopes in limbo, on their way to a 2nd straight championship. The set ended, 15-11.


Saluta, team captain, on their win: “Sobra kaming nahirapan sa CCSE… masaya kami for this back-to-back championship”. Asked about her friendly rivalry with CCSE’s captain, Oreiro: “Magaling talaga siya… idol ko parin siya.”

Oreiro, on the other hand, vowed to finally triumph next year, stating: “Next year, sa amin na talaga. Promise.”


CPRT Wolves settled for a 3rd place outing, beating CMA, 2-0.
MLS’s Saluta and Carillo have now played their last games wearing the Askies uniform.

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