The Kalye Serye Effect: Life in Retrospect

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From dominating every social media platform to being a household name, fast-rising sensation Nicomaine Mendoza or better known as Yaya Dub, one-half of the accidental love team at the noon-time show Eat Bulaga is raking in numerous projects and is the face of an immense amount of commercial brands lately. Alongside being the focus of the limelight because of her talent and charm, Mendoza is catching everyone’s attention as a fashion icon.

Celebrity stylist Liz Uy, the woman behind Yaya Dub’s outfits in commercials and various appearances made sure that the quirky girl who everyone fell in love with will still show through her clothing.

Mendoza’s influence is indeed vast that a noticeable amount of fanatics are adapting her way of performing to her signature red lips which is manifested through the make-up company Mac’s sales of the lipstick shade Ruby Woo, as it is often sported by Yaya Dub.

Variety is evident in the fashion industry each year, but as dynamic our way of dressing is, mentality is ever changing as well.

Generation after generation, history presents us with various and distinct differences in the characteristics of each and every one. Although influence is responsible of starting trends that tend to come and go but it is actually our choices that give these trends the life it needs to withstand time.

We Filipinos have a knack for joining band-wagons. We tend to copy trends from different countries that there are times when we see some Pinoys wearing ankle boots and knitted sweatshirts despite the humid climate. It is because of the idea that those types of clothing are popular in other places, therefore it is assumed that the style is also popular in our country no matter how weather inappropriate they are.

What is considered prevalent or desired in the fashion industry changes every year. Yet, if you may notice, the styles repeat themselves every twenty to thirty years or so. Although each recurrence is not completely the same, they are only innovations of the previous style.

This kind of recurrence resembles how we Filipinos have a habit of passing down values that we want to maintain or to even improve.

Showing respect through numerous ways including pagmamano and addressing older people with po or opo. Courting by accomplishing tasks to win the approval of the lady’s parents or guardians. The former is perceived and practiced by almost everyone, but that is just what it is, practices. Most people do it to fit in with the norm, but do they really mean the respect that they radiate? The latter, however, is a practice that is reduced nowadays to just talking through social media.

As the term retro suggests, is what we do merely copies of the original because we do not put to heart the teachings that we learn early in our lives?
So as a means of revitalizing the youth with life lessons, the media has come up with a way to reintegrate these teachings through the image of Lola Nidora. Yes, the eccentric and loud pseudo-grandmother in the hit Kalye Serye.

Lola Nidora’s words of wisdom indeed generate impact as it is in harmony with the Pambansang Bae Alden Richard’s and Yaya Dub’s love team. These two young almost-lovers in the series embody the younger generation who are subject to influence, whether minute or great.

The children of today are pliable when it comes to their personalities and decisions. There are a lot of factors that contribute in the shaping of someone’s character and social media, being the main medium in present days supplies a lot in that process.

The goal of the show is to imbue into the next generation the lessons that have been passed down through centuries. The series provides a way to look back at ideologies that the youth seems to forget. Because our present mentality are merely copies of the past, and what is copied does not really manifest the essence of the actions that the person presents.

Old fashioned as some may say, but the principles that we Filipinos uphold are part of us. Keep in mind that fashion has a habit of coming back; it is a cycle that has been present since the beginning. And as some styles do come back as copies of the original, they resurface with added flair. Because it is the present generation’s job to utilize what is handed to them and make them better.

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