In the middle of the busy city of San Fernando, one can hear noise coming from everywhere—vendors shouting to sell their products, the honking horns of jeepneys and tricycles that blow up your ears,...
STATE OF THE CITY: Are We Disaster Ready?

Just recently, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Bohol and Cebu. A few weeks after, Yolanda –she’s not an old lady- ravaged the Visayas region, rewriting the history books as the strongest typhoon...
SELFIE, SELFIE: Articulating a New Self-Expression

Selfie. 2013’s Oxford dictionary word of the year has undoubtedly become a surrealistic phenomenon which blazed on all online and social networks by storm.
LIFE BOTTLES: An Ilocano Initiative

Helping the environment and saving lives can now be done in a single step. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, only on environmental terms. Whatever we do, may it be a small or big act, can ...
Excuse Me, I’m Not Just a Room Nurse

Little knowledge is dangerous. And for a person running for public office, blabbing things like, “Hindi naman kailangang magaling ang nurse” is an absolute suicide. The nurse is the information hu...
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